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Let’s shine a light on costly tax deductions

Most small and medium-sized businesses have their hands full all year long, so when tax season comes around the corner, they find themselves either unprepared or out of resources.

Time and time again, this results in small and medium-sized businesses overpaying their taxes. Oh, and by ‘overpaying,’ we’re not talking about a few bucks here and there – we’re talking about hundreds, thousands, and in some cases, more.

You’re probably wondering, “how is this possible?”

Not all tax professionals are tax strategists

When most people (particularly those outside of the industry) hear “tax pro,” they assume they handle all things taxes, which couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, many tax professionals prefer to specialize within their profession rather than become a jack-of-all-trades. But in an effort to secure the business, they won’t always be transparent about this.

What’s a tax strategist?

Tax strategists understand the nuances between different kinds of businesses and industries, along with their corresponding tax laws. In short, tax strategists bring a more dynamic and versatile approach come tax season, leveraging the industry-specific rules that allow for optimal savings.

But it’s not all about the size of your company or the industry you’re in. It’s the job of the tax strategist to see ‘the big picture’ and identify otherwise unknown opportunities that your business can take advantage of, which goes beyond small business tax planning.

When to partner with a strategic tax planning agency

The general idea is for your total tax-related savings to outweigh the fees of a strategic tax planning agency, and if things are done right, this should absolutely be the case. This is because of how common it is for businesses of all sizes to be overcharged.

Once more, a strategic tax planning agency will consider all aspects of your business to compile the best, most profitable solution. But even then, not all strategic tax planning agencies are created equal.

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