Helping people find financial success is at the heart of what we do

Meet the Dennis Family

The humble beginning of a future tax star has evolved into a thriving family business that supports generational wealth for families across the nation. Today, Karla’s specialized wisdom and dedication are passed onto her sons, who will flourish more than ever.

We made the list!

The KDA Promise

We get to know your unique obstacles, then find tax strategies tailored to your goals

We work with you extensively to define your financial future so you can thrive long-term

We will keep your best interests in mind and have your back every step of the way

Meet the teams that makes KDA an industry leader

Tax Strategy Team

Our exclusive team of seasoned tax strategists creates tailored tax planning strategies based on our clients’ specific goals.

Specialty Tax Team

Our specialists support the implementation of our cutting-edge tax advisory, tax preparation, accounting, and bookkeeping, making tax-saving dreams a reality for thousands of people.

Business Development Team

Our business development team expands our reach, connecting our solutions to the taxpayers who need them most.

Client Services Team

Our client services team acts as the liaison between our tax strategists/specialists and our clients. Their goal is to create the best possible experience for everyone.

Operations Team

Our operations team takes care of the important administration aspects of the business, while acting as invaluable support staff.

Much more than tax prep.

Industry Specializations

Our mission is to help businesses of all shapes and sizes thrive year-round. We leverage our award-winning services to analyze your unique circumstances to receive the most savings legally.

Our Services

Our long line of award-winning services shows we put our clients’ goals above all else. We are committed to helping you be the best you can be before, during, and after tax season.