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Why tax saving can’t be a one-person job

Being self-employed is empowering, but with great power comes great responsibility. Especially when tax season comes along – because neglecting your taxes could cost your small business thousands. After all, you’re entirely responsible for addressing and paying your taxes; there are no more W-2s that do the work for you.

After all, you’ll have to pay self-employment taxes that support Medicare and Social Security programs rather than just paying income taxes. But it’s not just about neglecting your taxes; it’s also about shedding light on opportunities that can save your company a fortune. This all comes from structuring your business for success.

Choosing the right business entity

How much your business tends to save on taxes ultimately depends on how it’s structured. Some entity structures are simply better for certain businesses because of factors like size and industry, but it’s a bit more complicated than that.

The truth is, the only way to truly optimize your tax deductions is by consulting with a professional who can see the big picture of your business. That way, you can legally save on your taxes without any of the associated headaches others get.

Partner with the best

Regardless of your business’ size, being proactive with your entity structure and formation is the best way to save money in the short and long term. But it takes a qualified and diligent professional to take all the necessary steps to ensure we don’t miss a beat.

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