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How real estate investors can secure their profits

Real Estate continues to be one of the most sought-after forms of investing, but with great earnings comes heavy taxes. So for anyone looking to make any short or long-term investments, it’s essential to consider taxes as part of the deal.

So WHO you partner with tax-wise is one of the most significant decisions you’re likely to make during the entire process. Here are the main things that should be considered from the beginning.

1. Increasing your cap rate

Your cap rate (or Capitalization Rate) translates to a percentage, which is your annual gross income based on the value of your property or investment. So, the larger your cap rate, the more of your investment you’ll be able to keep.

A strong strategic tax planning agency can employ helpful tactics to help you gradually increase your cap rate, which in turn will help you save on your taxes. Less money going to Uncle Sam means more money in your pocket!

2. Leverage industry-specific tax strategies

A qualified strategic tax planning agency can tap into money-saving strategies that work exceptionally well in the real estate sector. For instance, Cost Segregation studies and entity layering can be used to secure more of your earnings.

3. Going the extra mile

There are potential steps that can be taken beyond conventional tax planning. For instance, partnering with a management company that can take you a step above mere taxes so you can get a clearer, more complete picture of your entire situation.

All things considered, there are several variables that impact your taxes, so it’s difficult to declare any absolutes. The point is to partner with a strategic tax planning agency that gets to know you on a deeper level so they can create tailor-made solutions for you.

These solutions are exactly what KDA is known for because we’re more than a tax firm. We’re a nationally recognized, family-owned, and operated strategic tax planning agency that never settles for “good enough.” So if you’re looking to invest in more than real estate, we’d be happy to secure more than your investment.

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