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Entertainers tend to put their all into what they do best, entertainment. But as anyone will tell you, there’s the “show” side of show business and the “business” side of show business, which can seem like a foreign language to some – especially regarding taxes.

Once more, most entertainers travel quite a bit. To the point that you have nightmares about the airport (even if you’re in business class). Because, let’s face it, flying sucks. However, as much as traveling may add to your already busy schedule and stress you out, it actually opens the door to a lot of tax-saving opportunities. It is really about what you’re aware of and willing to utilize.

For example, leveraging Section 162 – Trade or Business Expenses in the tax code is especially helpful for driving more tax savings, depending on some key factors. The trick is identifying them and getting the most, based on your situation.

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