Why the 4% Retirement Rule Is Outdated

For years, the 4% rule has been the golden staple that all financial advisors recommend that retirees follow. However, we will discuss why the 4% rule is outdated. Instead of using the 4% rule, we will explain what you can do to live your best retirement life without running out of funds. Before I explain […]

7 Common Money Mistakes To Avoid In Your 20’s & 30’s

#1: Not Saving Your Hard-Earned Money New data shows that 42% of Americans have less than 1,000 in savings. Saving money is important because you never know when something bad might happen. For example, say your tire goes flat, and you must pay over $200 to replace the tire. Saving money is also important when […]

4 Tips To Budget For Rising Taxes As a Freelancer

Say you have been freelancing for a while, and thanks to your hard work, you are now making more money as a freelancer than you ever did in your entire life. Well, first off, congrats! However, sometimes when you make more money, more problems can lurk around the corner. The main problem is higher taxes. […]

4 KDA Resources to Better Your Tax Game!

Knowledge is power.  Those knowledgeable in tax law and strategy save the most in taxes every year. Here at KDA, we often get many questions about how we can help you learn, stay connected, and get up-to-date tax information.  Our team is working around the clock to bring content to your fingertips.  So without further […]

6 Ways Your Tax Refund Can Make You More Wealthy

For many Americans getting a tax refund is an exciting moment. It’s like you’re receiving a bonus check at the start of the year. But, if you’re still deciding what to do with your tax refund, I will share smart things you can do with your money to grow your wealth in this blog. 1. […]

The Exclusive Guide: How Does a 401K Work?

What is a 401K?  A 401K is a retirement plan that most employers offer employees to help them save for retirement.  It is also called a personal pension saving account by the IRS. Employers often offer this retirement account for full-time employees. Still, it can be offered to part-time employees at the employer’s discretion.  How […]