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Karla Dennis and Associates Inc. is now KDA Inc. and we’re more than excited!

Karla Dennis and Associates, one of the nation’s leading tax strategy agencies, is formally changing its name to KDA Inc. As part of this shift in direction, Karla Dennis, the agency’s founder, is pivoting to an internal, more advisory-oriented position as part of her intentions to pass the torch down to her sons, who have been groomed to transform the company’s identity and take it to new heights.

Why KDA?

Many clients referred to us as KDA, an acronym for ‘Karla Dennis and Associates. But ‘KD’ isn’t just Karla’s initials – it’s also the initials of her sons Kenneth, Karlton, Kameron, and Karrington, the future of the family company. Pursuing a more inclusive name has allowed Karla to symbolically and physically open the floor to her sons, thus, raising the ceiling for future prosperity.

Our new logo holds significant symbolism, taking the shape of a diamond; its six sides represent Karla, her four sons, and most importantly, you, the client. Together, we’re at our strongest and envision this for every client. “Being raised in Compton, opportunities didn’t exactly fall on my lap. I had to be strong and resilient if I wanted any chance of success. I think the diamond also represents my path and shows that our family and company are stronger than ever”, Karla added.

The future of KDA

Our future is brighter than ever and despite our humble beginnings, we just might brag a little. In addition to the company’s founder, Karla, who will be working as an advisor, we have:

Kenneth Dennis – Kenneth has an entrepreneurial mindset and a marketing knowledge library. He leveraged this marketing wisdom and Karla’s tax expertise to found Tax Reduction Company – a line of inclusive courses designed to make saving on taxes easier for all Americans.

Karlton Dennis – Karlton’s not only up-to-date with the nation’s most complex tax laws but also has a massive social media presence, allowing him to share invaluable tax advice with Americans all year. He uses this knowledge to amplify KDA’s reach further than ever.

Kameron Dennis – Kameron leads the Client Services Team, where he acts as a liaison, ensuring all of our clients get the best possible experience. This includes the protocol and establishing systems that maximize productivity and client satisfaction.

Karrington Dennis – Karrington has been involved with the family business since he was 15. Now he’s working as a Tax Intern while studying for his CPA. His main goal is to learn whatever he can about taxes so he can pass his knowledge on to our clients.

Strength in numbers

If KDA’s path were a game of chess, we would have all our pieces in the right places, and as a family business, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Now with a fortified presence across every aspect of our tax strategy agency, we’re left without any weaknesses. Like our founder, we’ve emerged as a diamond, ready to shine brighter than ever.

Looking to the future

While the brag felt nice, it’s not why we’re telling you all of this. In fact, we’re so excited because our expansion in depth will allow us to help more taxpayers than ever before. So, we’re opening our doors so taxpayers like you can keep more of your hard-earned money and finally stop leaving Uncle Sam the tip he certainly doesn’t need.


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