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4 KDA Resources to Better Your Tax Game!

Knowledge is power. 

Those knowledgeable in tax law and strategy save the most in taxes every year.

Here at KDA, we often get many questions about how we can help you learn, stay connected, and get up-to-date tax information. 

Our team is working around the clock to bring content to your fingertips. 

So without further ado, here are four ways to stay connected with KDA!

1. Subscribe To Our newsletter!

Our sister company, Tax Reduction Company, has a newsletter that sends valuable tax insights to your inbox weekly!

Here’s what you can expect by joining our newsletter:

  • Free tax strategies
  •  Break down of complex tax codes
  •  New tax laws being pushed by Congress
  •  Stay up to date on all the tax news happening across the nation.

You can join our newsletter by clicking here.

2. Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel!

Our CEO Karla Dennis has a Youtube channel that talks about tax strategy, finances, setting up your business, and tutorials on writing off taxes.

You can watch her Youtube videos by clicking here.

Her son, Karlton Dennis, also has a Youtube channel! His channel offers tax strategies, reaction videos, and real estate tax write-offs. He talks about current events in the news from a tax strategist’s perspective!

You can watch his Youtube videos by clicking here.

3. Follow Us On LinkedIn!

Social media is one of the biggest ways you can stay connected with us. We have a LinkedIn page where we post new content every single week!

4. Join Our Business Owner Mastermind!

We have a community of business owners, entrepreneurs, and tax-smart individuals. Our group has over 15 thousand members, all sharing information and connecting. The best part is that it’s all completely free and easy to use.

Head to Facebook and search “Business Owners Mastermind” Group to find and join us!

Note: You do not need a business to join, but we have some group rules and guidelines! This group is not for ads or spam but for networking, connecting, and asking questions! 

This is an excellent resource if you are starting a business, have tax or entity questions, or want to network! 


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