How Investing in Real Estate Can Save You Money on Taxes.

Real estate tax strategy

If you’re on this page, you’re probably considering investing in real estate to save money on taxes.  You might have heard on social media apps about people like Donald Trump investing in real estate and paying zero dollars in taxes and wondered how you can do it too. In this blog, I will explain how […]

4 KDA Resources to Better Your Tax Game!

Knowledge is power.  Those knowledgeable in tax law and strategy save the most in taxes every year. Here at KDA, we often get many questions about how we can help you learn, stay connected, and get up-to-date tax information.  Our team is working around the clock to bring content to your fingertips.  So without further […]

5 Powerful Tax Write-Offs For Real Estate Agents 

Tax Tip #1: Cellphones  As a real estate agent, you constantly call people and make cold calls from home. However, making cold calls is not easy to do. It takes skill and patience to cold call, but it also requires some data.  If you spend hours cold calling to follow up with leads and close […]