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A diamond emerges under life’s pressures

Born and raised in Compton, CA, Karla knows struggle. Yet, from a young age, she wouldn’t let this define her. With her hallmark determination and tenacity, she studied tirelessly to earn her BA in Accounting and a Masters in Taxation.

In her early career, she realized that the IRS subjects all of us to struggle, keeping the poor stagnant, while the rich get richer. From that day on, it’s been her mission to stand up for everyday Americans.

1991 - 2002

A new beginning, and new family

As Karla’s career in Corporate America blossomed, so did her goal of having a family. With a baby on the way, Karla knew she needed to be there for her new son, Kenny. So she quit her cushy position in favor of her family.

She opened her first business doing tax returns, only to realize it didn’t satisfy her ambitions. She had come to know the workings of the IRS and tax code but needed a way to save everyday taxpayers with a simple solution.

2002 - 2014

A pivot in the right direction

While reading her son his favorite children’s book, she had a life-changing epiphany. Something clicked that completely changed the way she looked at tax deductions. Over some days, she developed a write-off method that could help the average taxpayer and even help deduct her client’s $300k yacht. It was truly a solution that could help people of all financial backgrounds. Finally, she found her calling where she could help so many more people. This was the start of tax strategy.

2014 - 2016

The start of something special

Following gradual, but steady success, Karla opened her new firm – Karla Dennis and Associates, Inc. in La Palma, California. Her now extensive background and regular clients allowed her to provide a plethora of services, including tax planning, accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation. Here, Karla was given the title “America’s Tax Advisor” after sharing her tax knowledge on numerous local news programs.

2016 - 2022

A thriving family business is born

Just a few years after opening her firm, Karla was thrilled to welcome two new employees – her sons, Karlton and Kenneth. Both sons brought seasoned experience in otherwise overlooked areas of the business. With their youthful energy and determination, the two catapulted the company to new heights; expanding their mission and local tax firm into a nationally-recognized industry leader.

2022 - BEYOND

KDA: A Tax Strategy Agency

Total growth jumped to levels never before anticipated. Between Karlton’s tax strategy and audience on social media and Kenneth’s innovative business development plans, they were able to reach and help more Americans. With the addition of Karla’s two other sons, Kameron and Karrington, the once small local tax firm has become a full fledged tax strategy agency on a collective mission to help save Americans millions on their taxes.

Meet the Dennis Family

Kenneth Dennis

An entrepreneur at heart, Kenneth knew that he wanted to be a part of something big and he knew nothing was bigger than family. So he worked to combine his marketing expertise with his mother’s tax knowhow to help more people save on taxes than ever before. With his mom’s help, he co-founded ‘Tax Reduction Company’’, a line of courses aimed at helping everyday Amercians save big on taxes.

Karlton Dennis

It all started when Karlton asked his mother for tax advice. From there, he became infatuated with all the different tax laws, so he sought out to share this valuable information with those trying to reach their financial goals. Now, he educates American taxpayers on social media and personally assists celebrities, athletes and high-roller investors with saving millions on their taxes.

Kameron Dennis

For Kameron, being family-first means playing Division I football and being a YouTuber simply isn’t enough. So he started working at KDA to do his part in furthering his family’s mission. He now works as the Client Service Manager, where he heads all internal liaisons to ensure top-notch experiences for clients and employees alike.

Karrington Dennis

Karrington started helping his family as young as 15, however he could. Now, he’s a Tax Return Preparer and Customer Service Team Lead at KDA. Here, he helps clients directly by answering their questions and creating the best experience possible. Inspired by his parents’ relentless approaches, he’s determined to help KDA continue to reach new heights.

Karla Dennis

Being a seasoned financial industry veteran and ‘America’s Tax Advisor’ is only scratching the surface. Karla spent decades building a nationally-recognized business that will support her family for years to come. She is also a published author, hosts a radio talk show, ‘Mind Your Business,’ and now hosts a podcast, ‘Koffee With Karla.’

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