5 Powerful Tax Write-Offs For Real Estate Agents 

Tax Tip #1: Cellphones  As a real estate agent, you constantly call people and make cold calls from home. However, making cold calls is not easy to do. It takes skill and patience to cold call, but it also requires some data.  If you spend hours cold calling to follow up with leads and close […]

Tax Preparer vs. Tax Strategists: Which Will Save You The Most Money In 2023?

What Is a Tax Preparer?  A tax preparer prepares, calculates, and files income taxes on behalf of an individual or business.  Here at KDA, we prepare taxes for individuals and businesses every year. We make them sign a waiver saying it’s okay to file their tax returns on their behalf.  That said, there is also […]

Six Must-Know Tips To Get a Fast Tax Refund In 2023!

Tax season starts today, and many Americans around the nation are excited to receive their refunds.  This blog post will list six things you do to ensure you receive your tax refund in the least amount of time possible.  E-File Whenever Possible  The IRS is currently facing a tax refund backlog. They still have millions […]

The Exclusive Guide: How Does a 401K Work?

What is a 401K?  A 401K is a retirement plan that most employers offer employees to help them save for retirement.  It is also called a personal pension saving account by the IRS. Employers often offer this retirement account for full-time employees. Still, it can be offered to part-time employees at the employer’s discretion.  How […]

The Pros & Cons Of Starting An LLC In 2023!

What is an LLC? LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. It is a business structure that provides limited liability to its owners.   The term “limited liability” basically means the owners of the LLC will not be held personally responsible for any debts or liabilities of the LLC.   If your LLC is sued for […]